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Oklahoma City Trucking

Serving Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma

At A & A Trucking, Inc., we value your materials. We have been hauling materials to and from construction sites around Oklahoma City for 20 years. Our drivers are fully licensed to transport materials safely, and we drive the most reliable trucks to carry your constructional materials. With our dependable drivers and top-notch vehicles, we can help you complete your project.

A & A Trucking, Inc. takes great pride in the following:

  • Being Trustworthy & Responsible
  • Focusing on Individual Customer Needs
  • Building Long-Term Relationships
  • Providing Top Quality Service

Our mission at A & A Trucking, Inc. is to provide you with the materials to advance your construction project. As trucking professionals, we operate the finest fleet of trucks to ensure your hauling needs are met. In addition, we offer several options for material hauling. By listening to your needs, we can haul your materials to the exact location you need us to.

Your Construction Solution Partners

For all your construction hauling needs, you can count on us. Having been in the trucking business for 20 years, we have built long-term relationships with our customers. We’re able to do so because we treat them as partners. Our drivers specialize in hauling construction materials.

A & A Trucking, Inc. offers services, including the following:

We Are Here to Serve You

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing you happy. We’re dedicated to delivering and removing materials from your construction site on time. With our top-of-the-line trucks and friendly drivers, we can provide you the materials your project needs. Let us provide you the peace of mind you deserve with our dependable trucking services. Request a free estimate by calling (405) 949-0515.

  • General Materials, Inc.
  • Haskell Lemon Construction Co.
  • Central Oklahoma Turf

Why Choose Us?

  • Focused on Providing Best Customer Service
  • Building Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • Reliable and Dependable