Sand & Gravel Hauling

Providing and Transporting Your Materials Safely

Sand and gravel are versatile materials that can be used for decorative or functional purposes. When you’re looking to have either sand or gravel added to your site, A&A can provide materials through our family of companies and transport them where and when you need them! We’re specialists in hauling these fine materials to and from sites in Oklahoma. We deliver materials, remove at your site or provide other transportation needs for your projects.

At A&A Trucking, Inc., your project is our priority. Our professional drivers provide prompt, reliable hauling service throughout Oklahoma using quad and tri-axle dump trucks and tractors with end or belly dumps.

With our top-of-the-line trucks and friendly drivers, and family of companies, we can provide you the materials your project needs. Let us provide you the peace of mind you deserve with our dependable trucking services. Request a free estimate by calling (405) 949-0515.

Why Choose Us?

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