Oklahoma City Hauling

Your Material Hauler

Finding a trucking company to deliver the materials you need when you need them can be time consuming. However, we at A & A Trucking, Inc. make the process easy. We share the same goal as you, which is completing your project. In order to achieve that goal, we haul the materials you need. Whether you need asphalt transported or sand delivered, we can efficiently haul your materials.

A & A Trucking, Inc. offers services, including the following:

  • Construction Hauling: Construction sites require heavy-duty trucks to haul materials to and from the site. With our truck options, you can have the materials you need.
  • Intrastate Common Carrier: We can haul your materials wherever you need them in Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma. Our trucks can carry all types of materials.
  • Sand & Gravel Hauling: Finer materials, such as sand and gravel, require careful transportation. Our drivers are skilled in driving our trucks to keep your materials intact.

A & A Trucking, Inc. operates several first-class trucks, including bobtails, quads, and tractor trailers. These vehicles vary in the amount of tons they can hold. Our licensed drivers are experts in driving all of our vehicles to ensure your materials are hauled safely.

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