Intrastate Common Carrier

Serving Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma City

We at A & A Trucking, Inc. specialize in hauling materials for commercial purposes. Having been in the trucking business for 20 years, we have driven all around Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma. With our expertise in driving, we can deliver your materials promptly and efficiently. Our drivers are licensed to operate all of our vehicles to meet your hauling needs.

Our intrastate common carrier service includes:

  • Driving Bobtails, Quads, and Tractor Trailers
  • Hauling Up to 25 Tons of Materials
  • Transporting Rip Rap
  • Removing Concrete

As locals in the community, A & A Trucking, Inc. can deliver your materials with ease. We work closely with you to prepare a delivery or removal schedule that is most convenient for you. Our drivers respect your time and make sure to haul your materials precisely when you need them. To ensure your materials are transported safely, we check our vehicles for any technical issues prior to delivery. For a free estimate, please call us today at (405) 949-0515.

Why Choose Us?

  • Focused on Providing Best Customer Service
  • Building Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • Reliable and Dependable